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I'm never alone with moscade!

Thus I discovered the formula to shine with my own light

Fashion, jewellery and accessories are essential elements of a formula called "my own look" to stand out at work, at university or at night. That look which is myself and with which I attract attention of those I want to be close to me, is nothing else than the unique formula I discovered to shine with my own light, so I’m not alone any more, because I’m with me, with myself, I am with moscade!

Make success with our fashion

The moscade! essence never leaves you alone, because always you shine with your own light

Fashion is a matter of success

Hit with the fashion you are looking for

We know that you are a successful girl, who always gets what you want, no matter if it’s at work, in studies, or in life and love.  We know you always travel to wherever you want and that you have fun just in your way.  But we also know that there’s only one thing that makes you struggle more than you’d like: being fashion and trendy.

Why we know it?  Well, surely you are sick of seeing the latest trend in clothing, jewellery and accessories when watching TV, on the pages of a magazine, or in the last movie you saw, then you go through all stores in your area, browse in the Internet, walk all the malls in your city and seven cities farther ahead, and at the end of the journey you come back home down and blue because nothing you've seen seems to what you had in mind.

Don’t stress yourself; now success in life is success in fashion, striking all at once you have succeeded, because you found moscade! Enjoy it only in Moscade Shop.

The essence

Moscade’s fashion evokes like nutmeg, that subtle but strong essence

Present, as nutmeg in a good taste dish, just in its right amount, neither scarce nor in excess, it’s a clear signal of care and dedication during the elaboration of all the products of the brand, invokes yourself, Your Own deeper essence when you wear a jewel or a garment, that's why You Are That You Are when you shine with your own light, when you shine with the essence, when you shine with moscade!

Of course, only a strong Self is never alone, only a strong Self shines through itself, and therefore the self that is never alone is strong, sure and finds the best companion, the best of those, Yourself. And so come friends, couples, lovers and whatever you want to come... Because you always get what you want to come to you. 

Fashion is a complete circle of your life

In the centre of that circle you shine with your own light, attracting the best of those around you

With Moscade Shop fashion you shine from the very centre of that circle that is your life, you attract the looks and the interest of the others, so you are always accompanied, and if you are well accompanied, you attract more and more and better companion. You will never feel alone.

This is a complete circle.  Isn’t it better to enjoy the small and great things of life if you are with someone you love? Because in essence what you are looking for is to shine, to not to be alone, to be with yourself, to be with others you love, with whom you want, be with moscade!